Why should you choose recycled timber over the new one?

It usually happens that people love to get brand new wood when they want new pieces of sofas and tables made or want exquisite wooden flooring. However, a percentage of people also opt for reclaimed timber because it is cheaper.

Buy our Recycled Timber Supplies

Whether you are planning on renovating your house or are thinking of getting customized wood products, you can always rely on our premium quality timber supplies. At The Wood Project (TWP), we aim to do our bit for the environment by saving the logs from problem trees and development block clearing projects and recycling their wood to form something truly beautiful. Our high-quality timber can be used for the manufacturing of furniture and general building and construction and more.

Why choose The Wood Project?

Here are some of the reasons as to why you should choose us:

We stock a wide range of timber supplies and mill to order so you can choose according to your own requirements. From various sizes to shapes and finishes, we can stock timber supplies to suit your uses.With our expertise and experience, we bring your wood projects to life. Our recycled timber is the best option when you are planning a DIY project.We assure you that all of our timber supplies are affordable and reasona…